The Spirit Of Water Sacred Symbols

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Your presence on the planet is part of a sacred design that comprises the five elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. You are all of these elements as is every living being. While you may believe you are different from a rock or tree, and certainly different from water, think again.

Your body is made of over 80% Water, contains a respiratory system that moves Air through your blood, creates heat (Fire), and holds pounds of flesh and bone within its perimeters (Earth). Your intellect is Space. From species to species, the percentages of each element vary, but all living things share their five basic “ingredients” with every other being.

Once you realize you, the “you” that thinks, talks, has emotions and creates relationships, is not separate in the universe, but just another “mushroom” connected by the mycelium of consciousness, you will begin to see how powerful, extraordinary, magical and complex the interrelation of life on our planet really is. It is with this realization that mysticism really begins.

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