Three Productivity Questions

Mark W. Shead interviewed about 30 bloggers asking them to answer three questions.
The responses posted at Productivity 501, are very insightful.

Here are his questions:

1. What is the single biggest way people waste time without even realizing it?
2. What change has made the most difference in making you effective in life?
3. If someone were to read just one post from your site, which would you recommend they read and why?

These are my responses:

1. The single, biggest way people waste time is by putting another's agenda ahead of their own and not valuing their own commitments. It comes down to self-worth. In a nutshell, "Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it." ~M. Scott Peck~ One way we avoid being committed to our own goals, is by remaining unclear about our own priorities. It is basically one of the many 'hats' that is worn by 'fear'. :)

2. A change I made a long time ago, that has made the most difference to my efficiency, is streamlining and getting back to essentials whenever I notice that I'm beginning to spin into a state of overwhelm. The other most powerful change is, making requests. I ask lots of favors! :) For example, if someone wants information from me by a particular time then I 'put the ball back in their court', by asking them to contact me with a reminder a few days before. That way it's out of my head. Which reminds me of my other major strategy, I use my schedule for everything and reminders pop up on my computer screen a few days or hours before a task must be done, or prior to an event. Everything goes into my calendar, the moment I've made a promise to me or to another.

3. I believe that the questions we ask ourselves is access to power. Therefore, my 50 Questions would be one that I'd recommend ahead of others. However, that link is not a blog post. If I had to choose one blog post (from the 100's at my blogs), then I'd probably choose this Science Of Getting Rich article.